Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"New" Ring - Before and After

When I was a little girl, I always admired the sparkly ring on my mom's finger.  I was so excited when she gave me the ring 6 years ago because she stopped wearing rings.  It has five 0.19ct princess cut diamonds set in an 18kt yellow gold setting.  It was beautiful...but I realized that it's not for me because I never wear yellow gold.  It would also bother me that the diamonds didn't cover my finger (darn big fingers) and I would think, it would be perfect there were two more diamonds.  All these reasons caused the ring the sit in my jewelry box for a long time.

I started thinking about resetting the diamonds into something more wearable, but I haven't found a jeweler I like, so again, I left it on the back burner for a while.  Finally,  I stumbled into a store one day and talked to the owner a bit and he was the most friendly guy you will meet.  He made me feel really comfortable, so I took the plunge and gave him my ring to reset.

A few things I thought about when deciding on the design of the ring:
  • Diamonds should always be visible
  • Modern
  • I am on a budget
  • White gold
  • Stackable with other rings when I get more later *wishful thinking*
Since I was on a budget, an eternity band with diamonds all around was out of the question.  I was looking online for inspiration, but for some reason, princess cut is always just set in a channel band.  I didn't want to do just a 5 or 7 stone band because it drives me crazy when the ring turns.  I needed something uniform all the way around.  I finally saw a design with 1 princess diamond that I liked, so I modified it to have the 5 stones evenly distributed around. 

3 weeks later, here is the finished product that I am extremely happy with -

(Not sure why the lighting made the skin tones so weird, must be a tan I didn't know I had  :) )

I love recreating something to make it brand new again!  Did you ever do that and have something you are extremely happy with?

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