Monday, August 15, 2011

Build your own Cartier

Girls like bling.  *GASP*  I just revealed a secret that no man knows and will never understand.  It's okay though, he still won't understand even if I tell a man this secret 100 times.  I will just have to indulge myself.  :)

Once in a while I like to browse the jewelry websites to look at all the pretty pieces and daydream some.  Hehe, okay, maybe more than once in a while, but that's beside the point. Today, I found that Cartier has launched their "Set For You By Cartier" page where you can build your own ring.  Let's just say that I spent a LITTLE bit of time building rings.  It used to be that you don't know the prices of these beautiful pieces until you go into the store to look at it, but now the internet makes everything so much more attainable.  This is definitely not going to be as awesome as trying the ring on in the store, but you can play many possibilities here.  It's almost like a custom design!  *indulge*

Of course I am going to build one that big and blingy since I'm not buying it anytime soon.  *wink*

Go have fun, build your dream ring!  I gotta warn you though, it's pretty addicting.  Do it online at Cartier.

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