Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Find: Boots

I have a sickness, I LOVE boots.  It has been driving me crazy that the weather is so warm around here that it would just be ridiculous to wear boots out.  Well...I snuck it in a couple of times, which makes sense since I'm known as "the girl with the tall boots" at work to some people.  However, I just got these shearling-lined  Dolce Vita Josh boots a month ago, and just could not wear it due to the weather.  I gotta draw the line somewhere, you know, even I have boundaries.

Today, the weather finally fell below 75F, so I totally jumped on the chance.  It's such an awesome feeling to slip into something that feels so familiar.  My feet looks like they are in wrapped in a fluffy cloud, balanced out with some cool ruggedness.  Oh boots, how I have missed you.

I apologize for not having an outfit pic today, but here is what I wore with the boots:
Free People Thermal
Splendid Rugby Cardigan
J Brand Skinny Jeans

Saturday, October 1, 2011

2011 Wearable Fall Trends

Big apology for the lack of posts lately.  Work has been turmoil, the late hours has not been friendly to posting.  However, I got a question on Facebook today and I am excited to do a quick Q&A about it. :)

Q: For us who don't have time to check out fashion mags or what is out there..what are the must haves for Fall wardrobe?

A: Some of the strongest trends this fall are prints.  Think polka dots, leopard, snake skin - for this print trend, it is more practical to stick accessories instead of a full on snakeskin duster coat.  I would recommend a polka dot top/dress, a leopard scarf, and a snake-print shoe(not worn all at once, of course).  Those items will be right on trend now and not be dated when next Fall comes along. 
David and Young @Nordstrom

Valentino @Nordstrom

Dotted lace tee
For pants - Colored or wide-leg.  
J Brand @bloomingdales
Blank Cord Flare

Shoes: Boots, of course it's boots!  You're going to ask what's different this season?  This fall is more rugged and less dainty.  Think chunky-heel, lace-ups, buckles, wedges.
Luxury Rebel @Nordstrom

Roan Wedge

Burberry @net-a-porter
Rag & Bone Moto Boot @Nordstrom

These items will be able to carry you through Fall and Winter.  More importantly, most will still be wearable without being dated next year.  That's's shopping time!


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