Saturday, August 13, 2011

Want: Jimmy Choo Candy Glitter Clutch

Tell me the truth, who's tired of boring old leather clutches?  Me!  Me!  Me!  So when I was browsing at Nordstrom and came across this Jimmy Choo Candy Glitter acrylic clutch, I was mesmerized.

Shiny, glittery, a bit futuristic, and also playful.  It's such a cool design, I love it!  I have not been impressed with Jimmy Choo in a while, but I must say that this time, they are making me want to pull out my credit card.  

They have several variations like gold, silver, tortoiseshell pattern, baby blue, black, etc.  My favorite right now is the silver because all my clothes are more 'cool-colored' so the silver would go really well.  It helps that silver is super shiny, and I like shiny!  ;-)

Available at for $595.

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