Thursday, July 28, 2011

Using Now: Bumble and bumble Styling Lotion

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2oz $8
8oz $28

Review:  This is an awesome product!  To tell you the truth, I have no idea what it's supposed to do...BUT, it gives me what I want with my hair, soft and held.  :)

According to, this is the description:  This product lubricates, detangles, and gradually strengthens the hair. It gives hair soft, natural movement, light structure, and just the right base for a blowout. 

Let me tell you my problem first - my hair is pretty fine and wavy, and nothing really holds on it.  I would try to flat iron my hair, but after a few hours, my hair would return to having a wave.  I don't like to use a lot of products in my hair because my scalp is pretty sensitive.

In searching for the solution and conclusion - I noticed that whenever I come out of the salon, my hair will keep its shape.  How?!  I was intrigued.  I paid special attention to what my stylist used next time.  It turns out that he used about 5 products on my hair...well, THAT's not going to work for my daily routine.  So I did what I do best...guess it.  I picked the one product I remembered and know where to find and went with it:  Bumble and bumble Styling Lotion.  I went to Sephora and bought the 2oz size to try it out first.  The first time I tried it, I was convinced.  My hair came out soft and  it held its straightness throughout the day.  It's not a hairspray or a gel, so it allows my hair to move without the much disliked 'crunch'.  I went to buy the 8oz size after I finished with the small size.  I have been using the product for about one and a half month now and I have not seen any split ends yet (I wash and blow dry my hair every day so I used to get split ends fairly quickly).  So to date, I still don't know what a "styling lotion" means, but I know it softens, holds my straight hair style and protects my hair well from my daily blow-drying.  That's all I need!

Directions:  Spritz and saturate your towel dried hair.  I usually stay away from the roots and concentrate on the ends.  Blow dry and flat iron as usual.  That's it!  

Little tip:  If you decide to try the 2oz version first, keep the bottle so that you can fill it up when you are traveling.

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