Monday, June 13, 2011

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale

Ladies, get your wallets ready, it's time for Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale in store!  This is the best time to stock up on your necessities and those pretty things that are not a necessity.  Doors open at 7am tomorrow, June 14th,  for Angel Card holders, and at 8am for everyone else.  It gets a little crazy digging through those bins that the employees try very hard to divide by size but never works, "ummm...why is this 36DD in here?  I wish!", Trust me though, it's almost worth it digging like a crazy woman when you can walk out with a whole year's worth of necessities for half the price!  Ignore what your hubby says about, "do you really need that many?"  "YES."

If you don't have a store around you or just cannot wait until tomorrow to shop, you can get started online on their website.  Happy Shopping!

1 comment:

  1. Great post! I just give my hubby the choice: a frumpy t-shirt and sweat pants or VS. VS wins, hands down, every time!



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