Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Swimsuit Tips

Summer is here, and the weather here in California finally seems warm enough for us to go to the beach, so let the swimsuit shopping begin!

1) The most important criteria in choosing a swimsuit is the fit.  Since women come in all shapes and sizes, swimsuits should too.  This is the reason why I like to choose bikinis that I can buy different sizes for the top and bottom.  By having that option, I can choose the one that best fits me everywhere.  Make sure the bottom doesn't have that extra fabric that creates a pouch of water that follows you when you get out of the pool.
If there is a swimsuit you really really like but doesn't comes in a set, it will still be okay if it's a string tie bottom on the side, that way, you can adjust more.

2)  Prints for bikini, color for one-piece - Get some bright color prints for the summer!  We have all of Fall and Winter to wear black and brown, have fun with your prints in the summer time!    As for one-piece, larger prints will be better to offset the busyness.  If you are most conservative, at least go for one that is not black so that you will look different from all the other women wearing black one-pieces.

3) Watch for the funky tanlines.  There are a lot of 'different' styles lately of monokinis, bikinis with multiple straps that go all over the place.  They may look cool right now, just watch out for the tanlines that they bring with it.  You have to imagine, "Do I want this print on me for the next 3 months?" 

4)  Finally, get something you feel comfortable in!  A woman is the most confident when they are comfortable.  By being confident, your sexiness will show.

Victoria's Secret
Beach Sexy Neon Lace Triangle Top and String Bottom
The neon and lavender color combo is so unique, and the neon color is guaranteed to stand out.
Available at Victoria's Secret $18 (top) and $18 (bottom)

Pistol Panties
Kate Printed Triangle Bikini
I love the name of the brand, that's what caught my eye in the first place.

Available at Net-a-Porter.com for $64.75

Melissa Odabash
Miami printed halter neck bikini

Available at Net-a-Porter.com for $77

Milly Swim
Sailboat-Print String Bikini

Available at Neiman Marcus for $67 (top) and $63 (bottom)

Striped Sliding Halter Bikini
Currently my favorite brand of bikinis that I found in Brazil - fun prints and pretty cuts, my favorite combination!  It's hard to find online, but some stores carry it, so if you ever see this brand, try it out!

Available at Victoria's Secret $41 (top) and $62 (bottom)

For those of you who are more comfortable with a bit more coverage, there are a lot of stylish one pieces.

Calvin Klein
Solids Shirred One Piece
Available at Zappos.com for $78.40 - $98

Calvin Klein
Solids Plunge One Piece
 Available at Zappo.com for $98

Maldives Halter One Piece
Available at Zappos.com for $89

Now that we have our swimsuits picked out, let's go rock it at the pool!  One more tip, lime juice stains, so if you just took a shot of tequila and touched lime, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT put your hands on your skin until you washed it.  After a day in the sun, it doesn't look pretty to have hand prints on your body....no personal experience what-so-ever here.  *wink*

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  1. Heh heh heh - some useful shopping and general life advice!! :-)



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