Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cross Body Saddle Bag for Cheap

Cheap is a relative term.  :)  I got a request from a friend to help look for a leather saddle cross body bag in brown without breaking the bank.  I have to say, one of the bags I am using the most this season is my saddle bag - highly recommended!  I was given the budget of $200 - $250, I love a shopping challenge...and challenge accepted!

After a night of searching to the ends of the internet, I have come up with the following.  (I will include some messenger bags too because some people might define saddle differently)

My two favorites choices that I will submit for the challenge are -

Rugby Leather Saddle Bag
Rugby is a line by Ralph Lauren, which is known for their classic polo design.  It would only make sense that they can do a saddle bag right.  Here, Ralph Lauren did a well-made a classic saddle bag which just the right amount of detail on the flap and a tan color that is very versatile.  This is a bag you can definitely carry through the summer into fall.  It is a steal at $159.99.


See by Chloe Yate Leather Messenger bag
I have a love-love relationship with See by Chloe.  It all started with Chloe where I developed a love for their supple leather handbags with the high price tag.  You can imagine how excited I was to find out Chloe will have a little sister!  See by Chloe always puts fun details into their products, which makes it very easy to recognize.  Their quality is amazing for the price.  I have a wallet from them that I have used for the past 3 years, every single day, and it is still in very good shape.  Here is a messenger bag that displays all those qualities of a See by Chloe bag - nice leather, fun detail of the bows, and amazing price.  At 50% off, it'll go very quickly!

Buy it via for a sale price of $237.50

If you have slightly different criteria, maybe one of the following will fit your needs.

Rough Roses pumpkin leather 'Riley' Messenger Bag
Buy it via for $199.99

Rebecca Minkoff almond leather 'Mini Rikki' Crossbody Bag

Buy it via for $285

MARC BY MARC JACOBS Classic Q Natasha Crossbody Bag - available in multiple colors
Like See by Chloe, Marc by Marc Jacobs has a special place in my heart.
Get it via Bloomingdales for $348

Melie Bianco Miley
Not leather but cute for the price of the bag

Get it via for $68.99

MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Medium' Messenger Saddle Bag

Get it via Nordstrom for $228

This was fun, so if anyone has something that they need to find, I would love to help to the best of my abilities!  :)


  1. Thanks gingerfarm for taking my request and this wonderful post! I am loving the Rugby saddlebag and I just ordered one! Will share when it arrives!

  2. Yaaaaay! Can't wait to see it, it's like I bought something for myself! Ohhhh...the anticipation.



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