Sunday, June 12, 2011

Coolest iPhone 4 Cover

Back when I had an iPhone 3, I looked high and low for a case.  The case had to be durable since I drop my phone all the time.  I finally found one that I thought was perfect.  Functionally, it was made of silicone so it never slipped out of my back pocket like other cases did.  Style-wise, it was quirky, which suits me all too well.  Then I was in Miami and my phone got stolen...I was sooo sad.  I was more sad that the case was gone than the phone itself.

Then when I got the iPhone 4, they didn't have the same one, so my iPhone 4 lived without a cover.  I refused to put anything inferior on my phone.  Now I switched to a Blackberry because of work...and guess what, they came out with the same cover for an iPhone 4!  I am so excited for you iPhone 4 owners!  This makes me want to get a phone just so I can use the cover.

Here it is, the Jack Spade iPhone 4 cover with Eyes.

Go put some eyes on your phone! Available at Jack Spade for $39.95

Just to prove that I really did love it, I will show you my only precious picture with it -

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