Saturday, October 1, 2011

2011 Wearable Fall Trends

Big apology for the lack of posts lately.  Work has been turmoil, the late hours has not been friendly to posting.  However, I got a question on Facebook today and I am excited to do a quick Q&A about it. :)

Q: For us who don't have time to check out fashion mags or what is out there..what are the must haves for Fall wardrobe?

A: Some of the strongest trends this fall are prints.  Think polka dots, leopard, snake skin - for this print trend, it is more practical to stick accessories instead of a full on snakeskin duster coat.  I would recommend a polka dot top/dress, a leopard scarf, and a snake-print shoe(not worn all at once, of course).  Those items will be right on trend now and not be dated when next Fall comes along. 
David and Young @Nordstrom

Valentino @Nordstrom

Dotted lace tee
For pants - Colored or wide-leg.  
J Brand @bloomingdales
Blank Cord Flare

Shoes: Boots, of course it's boots!  You're going to ask what's different this season?  This fall is more rugged and less dainty.  Think chunky-heel, lace-ups, buckles, wedges.
Luxury Rebel @Nordstrom

Roan Wedge

Burberry @net-a-porter
Rag & Bone Moto Boot @Nordstrom

These items will be able to carry you through Fall and Winter.  More importantly, most will still be wearable without being dated next year.  That's's shopping time!

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  1. Love your picks- that dotted lace tee from freepeople is awesome!



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