Friday, July 1, 2011

Shopping Emergency

My friend, Nisha, has a wedding to attend on July 4th weekend.  The week before the event, I get a -  "Vera!  I need to go shop for a dress.  Can you help me?"  My eyes lit up right away and I didn't even have to wait for her ask a second time, "DUH!!!  Of course!"  I love finding people what they look good and feel good in.  A lot of times, that brings an even bigger satisfaction to me than me buying something for myself.  We then agreed on Monday as our shopping date.

Monday comes along, and we decided to make it into a cocktail + shopping trip.  A couple of vodka-fruit infusions later, we are ready to hit the mall.  Nisha is a very good client, she will try anything that I hand to her.  I am not sure if that is because she is slightly intoxicated or not, but if that IS what did the trick, I'll do it again next time!  After going to a few shops, we find the dress that fits her perfectly at Nordstrom.  It's pink and pretty, perfect for a wedding in a winery.  Now the more important part...that shoes.  One must have the perfect shoes.  No matter how perfect your dress is, if your shoes are not killer, you will ruin the outfit. 

We wander downstairs to the shoe department and started at what I call the 'pretty section' - the salon shoes department.  Even though I try not to buy many things from there, I like to look...a lot.  Right away, we fine the pair of shoes that is PERFECT for her dress.  These Manolo Blahnik Bow-Toe d'Orsay in Fushia is out of this world!  I know right away these shoes need to be taken home by Nisha, but I know it's not a cheap pair of shoes.  In an attempt to look for an alternate, cheaper, solution, we look at the other part of the store.  Nothing is as nice as the Manolo's, and Nisha knows it.  She already gave her heart to the pink pretty bow.  After telling all the other shoes that they are not good enough for her, Nisha is reunited with her first love, and they live happily ever after.*

I can't wait to see pictures of our accomplishment.  I hope she gets some good pictures of her whole outfit at the wedding so we can show you what we accomplished in this shopping emergency!

*I know Nisha thinks I am crazy, but I am convinced that every pair of shoes is a love story.  She just doesn't know it yet.


  1. Sounds like mission accomplished! I usually start with the shoes then find a dress to compliment them!! And yes, although every pair of shoes is a love story, they don't always love you back as much .... sob ....!!!

  2. Such gorgeous shoes!




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