Thursday, June 16, 2011

UGGs? Yes, UGGs!

My friends might think I am possessed if they see what I have to say today.  I would like to preface it by saying I am not possessed, and no, I'm not drunk either.  I have always expressed my dislike (dislike may be too strong, indifference may be a better word) of UGGs, these furry suede boots that are worn with cutoff denim shorts in the middle of the summer - I just don't get it.  The fact that these boots are completely flat and make my big feet a even a size bigger than they are really doesn't help my feelings either.

Today is a turning point. As I went onto one of my daily websites, Nordstrom, I see a picture and did a double take.

I thought, "Those boots are hot!"  Then I was confused, "UGG?  No, they can't be. Where is the shearling?"  Then I have come to terms that they are indeed UGGs, and I am so glad they didn't try to put their signature shearling on the outside like they do everything else from flip flops to boots  This one is perfect the way it is, shearling on the inside to keep us warm and cozy.  I love the metal hardware on the heel, makes it the right amount of detail on this simple riding boot. 

The only issue is, you have to wait to get it.  It is not available until October, but for now you can Pre-order the UGG 'Channing' Boot at Nordstrom for $294.95.  Available in Black and Chestnut.  If you get too anxious, you can always come back here to look at the pictures while you are waiting for it to arrive, I know I will.


  1. those are very cute! definitely need to add "riding" style boots to the list of shoes I need =)

    sad to say i do have ugg-like boots, but I only wear them in winter. They warm my feet and are super comfy! Definitely not summer-shoes though.

  2. Every girl needs a pair of riding boots!

  3. i love this. they are gonna be in the annual sale.... right? :P



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